Chianti Watson

I joined KIPP Halifax because I am also a KIPP parent… I wanted to be part of a school structure that nurtures the whole child.

Office managers are incredibly important positions at our schools. What tasks and responsibilities do you manage each day?

I oversee the operational and administrative duties for KIPP Halifax, as well as student information and data.  I’m also responsible for financial duties such as paying invoices, ordering supplies, and interacting with vendors.  I manage transportation procedures for students, food services and custodial procedures.  I also keep track of employee information, licensure paperwork,  manage benefits and payroll and do everything else Ms. Wilkins wants me to do.

What is your favorite part of each day at KIPP Halifax

My favorite part of the day is the morning.  I love Pride Time when students enter the building, get checked in for homework and complete their morning work. I truly enjoy the morning routine, the students’ morning chants and homeroom college roll call.

What’s been the best part of this inaugural year for KIPP Halifax? 

The best part of this inaugural year is being able to try new ideas. It is refreshing to see how quickly we learn from our own mistakes and amazing how much we’ve grown as a family when this learning takes place.

Why did you decide to join the KIPP Halifax team?

I joined KIPP Halifax because I am also a KIPP parent. I’ve seen firsthand how the KIPP structure and model support the student and the student’s family.

I’ve always considered education to be one of the most valuable resources we can possess. One of my favorite quotes is by Nelson Mandela- “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” KIPP Halifax is truly equipping students with the tools that will empower them to make changes in our world.

I believe our students have been under-served educationally in their previous schools. Students need more than books, a teacher, and a classroom.  Many students have outside environmental, familial, and social issues which impact their educational success. I joined KIPP Halifax because I wanted to be part of a school structure which nurtures the whole child.  KIPP Halifax is an environment that provides our students with stability, structure, and great educational opportunities.  We truly love all of our students and try to make our school environment a safe-haven for them.