Report Cards

Each year, the state of North Carolina releases School Report Cards to provide educators, parents, policy-makers, and others with common metrics and data for public and public charter school performance, student growth, and student achievement.

Schools receive School Performance Grades, with 80 percent of the grade based on the school achievement score and 20 percent of the grade based on academic growth. KIPP ENC pays close attention to the academic growth score because we know that many of our students come to our schools performing years behind grade level, and the important work of catching them up is reflected in the growth score.

KIPP ENC also utilizes other metrics, such as ACT scores, AP exam passing rates, and college completion rates, to measure and reflect on the success of our students and schools. We are grateful for the data provided by the state and know that all of our students can and will achieve at the highest level with high expectations and hard work.

To view our Report Cards from past years, please click on the links below.

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