Author Melanie Goolsby Visits KIPP Halifax

On Saturday, February 23rd, students and families from KIPP Halifax Primary school had the pleasure of meeting and learning from special guest Melanie Goolsby, author of ABCs For Girls Like Me.

ABCs For Girls Like Me, is a gorgeously illustrated book that celebrates black women from A-Z. Ms. Goolsby was inspired to author the book when her daughter was born and she struggled to find texts that accurately reflected the excellence and achievements of black women. She created the book on her own, featuring women such as Loretta Lynch, the first black woman attorney general, and Rosemary Roberts Cloud, the first black female fire chief in the U.S.

“My goal with this book is for little black girls to see themselves in a wide range of talents and career fields,” she said. “I want girls to finish the book feeling like, ‘If all these women can do, make, and create all of these things, I can, too’ or ‘I can find my OWN thing to do, make or create.’ I selected some well-known women, but also some not so well known women with the intent to show that even if what you don’t get recognized on TV or the radio, that doesn’t take away the value or importance of what you do. It still matters and is impactful.”

A huge thank you to Ms. Goolsby for coming to KIPP Halifax Primary’s Family Saturday event, signing copies of her book for our students, and sharing her powerful message! Representation matters!