Meet our Team and Family

KIPP ENC is a Team and Family of amazing students, and the tireless parents and educators that support them in their success. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, a relentless drive to make the world a better place and a culture of humility and integrity, this team and family is proving what is possible in public education and helping to transform communities throughout Eastern North Carolina.

  • Biridiana ‘Birdie’ Rodriguez

    Founding 5th Grade History Teacher KIPP Durham College Prep Public School

    At that moment, I decided that I could be that resource for children in Durham- a resource that recognized the f… Read More

  • Chianti Watson

    Founding Director of School Operations KIPP Halifax College Prep Public Schools

    I joined KIPP Halifax because I am also a KIPP parent… I wanted to be part of a school structure that nurtures… Read More

  • Brett Noble

    Director of Humanities KIPP GCP Pride High School

    I came to the peanut field because of the culture and community of the GCP campus. The staff members are hard wo… Read More

  • Lomar Osbourne

    College Counselor KIPP GCP Pride High School

    During the summer of 2007, just before the beginning of my junior year, I made a decision that changed my life…. Read More