Our Schools

Fourteen years ago, our Pride—a brave and committed group of teachers, fifth graders and their families— helped transform 27 acres of soybeans and peanuts into a campus dedicated to ensuring that every student would be prepared to attend the college of his/her choice and positively impact the world. Today, those fifth graders have begun graduating from colleges across the country, and now eight of these alums are back in our schools teaching and leading. Our growing region is now home to more than 1,200 students and 150 staff members who continue to nurture those roots of change.

  • Founded 2017

    Growing to serve Kindergarten - 4th grade

  • Founded 2005

    Serving grades 9th-12th

  • Founded 2001

    Serving grades 5th-8th

  • Founded 2012

    Serving grades Kindergarten‑4th

  • Founded 2014

    Serving grades 5th-6th

  • Founded 2015

    Serving grades 5 and 6