KIPP Halifax Primary School

KIPP Halifax Primary School

In the fall of 2017, KIPP Halifax College Preparatory Primary opened its doors to its inaugural class of Kindergarten students, the Pride of 2030.

Enroll Button copyOpen enrollment for KIPP Halifax Primary began on January 14th. A lottery for admission will be held in April if KIPP Halifax receives more applications than can be accommodated at a particular grade level. Click here to enroll.

KIPP Halifax Primary is a family that nurtures and supports children as they grow through guided investigation of our world to begin the journey to college, career, and a life of joy and purpose. As the leaders of our students’ primary encounter with schooling, our staff has the power to reinforce in every child her/his potential and the joy of learning. We aspire that our students’ first experiences with school convince them that school is a place where they are known, valued, and loved for who they are; a place where they succeed and grow everyday; a place where they do important work that matters now and for their future.

The school was founded with a Kindergarten cohort of 96 students and will grow one grade level per year until reaching full size of 480 in 2022. Every student will receive multi-faceted literacy and math instruction daily with additional science, social studies, and enrichment classes on rotation throughout the week.

To learn more about enrolling your child, please contact founding operations director Karrie Pittman

NC School Report Cards

Each year, the state of North Carolina releases School Report Cards to provide educators, parents, policy-makers, and others with common metrics and data for public and public charter school performance, student growth, and student achievement. Schools receive School Performance Grades, with 80 percent of the grade based on the school achievement score and 20 percent of the grade based on academic growth. KIPP ENC also utilizes other metrics, such as ACT scores, AP exam passing rates, and college completion rates, to measure and reflect on the success of our students and schools.

NC School Report Cards: KIPP Halifax

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