KIPP GCP Primary School

KIPP GCP Primary School

KIPP GCP Primary School is a family that nurtures and supports children as they grow through guided investigations of our world to begin their journeys to colleges, careers, and lives of joy and purpose.

Two statements encapsulate our values and vision into primary student-friendly mottos: Cubs can. Cubs care. These statements represent the values we prioritize in our development of moral character based on life experience and the work of Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson.

“Cubs can” encompasses the character traits of optimism, persistence, integrity and self-control. A cub can when he attends to his needs independently and with self-control. He can tie his own shoes to keep himself safe; he can clean up a mess when he spills something; he can talk out a problem with a classmate; he can sit in the peace chair to calm down if he gets upset. “Cubs care” actualizes love, zest, gratitude, and respect.

Our guiding motto encourages our students to care about school and the people there, which they display by approaching tasks with interest and curiosity. A cub cares when she speaks kindly to others, asks probing questions in class, and shares her materials and helps others.

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