KIPP GCP Pride High School

KIPP GCP Pride High School

Our five values (leadership, excellence, integrity, humility and community) are essential to helping the school achieve its mission. They are woven into the various systems, expectations, and rituals at the high school. These values create a safe and nurturing learning and working environment for all members of the Pride.

Our high school students are prepared not only to succeed at the colleges of their choice, but more importantly are empowered to use their knowledge, skills, and character to strengthen their communities and fight against injustices. While our students enter our building to learn, they exit prepared to serve and lead.

We choose our high school motto, “Non scholae sed vitae discimus,” which translates to “We learn not for school, but for life,” because we expect all of our graduates to achieve a level of social and behavioral maturity in addition to excellent academic performance. Developing independence and critical thinking skills, exploring talents and interests, deciding on a career path, and pursuing additional schooling are just some of the challenges that we help students to face. We guide and nurture students by promoting excellence in all aspects of school life, valuing and respecting the diversity of our school community and addressing the needs and goals of all students.

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