KIPP Durham College Prep Public School

KIPP Durham College Prep Public School

In 2015, KIPP ENC expanded to Durham and is proving that students in both urban and rural communities can achieve at the highest levels. By working with community organizations and leaders, KIPP Durham’s staff, students and families create a high-quality, college prep option for students in East Durham and continues to strengthen the community.

Open enrollment for KIPP Durham begins on February 1st. A lottery for admission will be held in April if KIPP Durham receives more applications than can be accommodated at a particular grade level. Click here to enroll.

At KIPP Durham College Preparatory, we believe that students deserve a relevant, rigorous curriculum that will ensure that they are able to compete globally. We believe education is the most powerful weapon there is to create social change, and that our students’ unique experiences and diverse perspectives will inspire them to become active citizens passionate about closing the achievement gap and advocating for social justice for all.

KIPP Durham College Preparatory is an academically rigorous, college preparatory program working to prepare all students with the academic, intellectual, and character skills that will enable them to achieve unparalleled success through their high school career, college years and in a competitive world that follows. KIPP Durham College Preparatory’s success is built on high expectations, extended hours, innovative teaching methods, expanded academic opportunities, and above all, the unwavering commitment of parents, teachers and students.

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