North Carolina Releases 2016-17 School Report Cards

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.00.56 AMNorth Carolina released its 2016-17 School Report Cards this September. The NC School Report Cards evaluate schools through an analysis of growth and performance data from end-of-grade tests and end-of-course tests. Per the 2016-17 School Report Cards, all KIPP ENC schools met state growth expectations, with schools in Gaston and Halifax exceeding expectations. Overall, KIPP Gaston received a B, KIPP Halifax received a C, and KIPP Durham received an F.

While we are excited to celebrate KIPP Gaston’s continued success, which reflects more than a decade of work innovating and improving to meet the unique needs of the students in that community, we know we still have much work to do in all of our schools.

The scores of our newest schools in Durham and Halifax reflect where our students are when they enter – typically multiple grade levels behind– and we know that it is a long and arduous journey to ensure that they are empowered with the skills they need to attend and graduate from the colleges of their choice.

We are encouraged to see the tremendous growth made by Halifax in its third year of operation, and know that they will build on that momentum as they get settled into their new building at full enrollment. Longer term, we also look forward to the positive impact that KIPP Halifax Primary School will have on student outcomes at that campus.

The two founding classes at KIPP Durham met state targets for academic growth, and nationally-normed MAP assessment data also indicates that these students are growing. With continued hard work, we know they will meet and exceed their goals. To make sure that they do, we have brought in two seasoned educators to serve as assistant principals at KIPP Durham, along with a new Director of Math & Science who is coaching and supporting our teachers in those subjects across our schools.

When we reflect on our years of experience in Gaston, Halifax and Durham, we know that our staff and students can and will do whatever it takes to achieve at the highest level and prove what is possible, and we look forward to celebrating the continued success of our students and alumni. Thank you for supporting their hard work!