Mr. Noble Wins the 2017 Fishman Prize

BrettWe are thrilled to share that Brett Noble, an 11th grade English teacher at KIPP Gaston College Prep Pride High School, has won The New Teacher Project’s 2017 Fishman Prize! The Fishman Prize was created six years ago as a way to celebrate outstanding public school teachers. Since then, the prize has celebrated educators who have one thing in common: the ability to create challenging and engaging classrooms that help to propel their students to success later in life.

As one of only four national winners, Mr. Noble will earn $25,000 and a seat in a special summer residency with The New Teacher Project, the national nonprofit that offers this award. In the residency, the winners will reflect deeply on their classroom practice, broaden their perspective on their role as teachers, and connect with a network of extraordinary educators who will remain their colleagues throughout their careers.

“Mr. Noble is an outstanding public school teacher who goes above and beyond to create a challenging and engaging classroom for all of his students,” said KIPP Eastern North Carolina Co-Founder and Executive Director Tammi Sutton. “Not only does he focus on developing exceptional analytical readers and writers, but he also empowers his students to use their unique voices and perspectives to advocate for social change.”

Mr. Noble has been a teacher at KIPP Gaston College Prep Pride High School since 2010. In his tenure with KIPP Eastern North Carolina, he has been recognized as a KIPP Teacher Leader, a KIPP Foundation Featured Teacher, a Harriet Ball Excellence in Teaching Award Winner, and has served on the North Carolina Teachers’ Advisory Council to the Governor. He is frequently cited by his students as one of their favorite teachers in the school and his former students say his teaching and the rigor of his lessons is on par with what they have encountered in their college-level English classes. In addition to teaching, he serves as a grade level chair, coaches basketball, and helped to found the high school’s Young Activists Club.

He credits his students with driving the rigor and excellence in his classroom: “Aware of the statistics, my students use them not as excuses, but as motivation. They demand that the bar be set higher than state tests; they demand that the bar be set at college readiness because they expect to succeed at the colleges of their choice.”

We are lucky to have Mr. Noble on our team and are thrilled that his outstanding work is being recognized nationally! Congratulations, Mr. Noble!

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